Wedding Sarees (2)

Wedding sarees

Part Two
The Indian women wear the sarees straight skirt by 5-7 cm shorter than most outfits. It is desirable that the color does not differ from the sarees and was inconspicuous as possible. If the fabric wedding sarees are monochrome then you can pick up the bottom skirt with a pattern that are looked interesting attire. Undesirable to wear a skirt with an elastic band as it can slide down under the weight of the sarees. Better to choose a tight cotton skirt with lace or ribbon around the waist to well sarees
Secondly you need a blouse “choli”. It is done by a special pattern and are making perfectly sits on the figure. But the suit and the usual topic. Blouse can be sleeveless or with short or long sleeves. Blouse “choli” is traditionally short, but modern Indian women also wear a long shirt, tucking it into a skirt. Color should be as close to the color of wedding sarees. If the sarees are made from a simple one-color fabrics the choli can be done with drawing, embroidery, finishing or a different color.
In fact, there are 19 basic ways of draping the sarees. In different areas of your preference traditional. The most versatile and most popular method is called nivi. Take one end of the sarees and begin to fill the fabric in the skirt from the right side. Move from right to left until it describe a full circle. The length of the sarees must be to the floor.
When the circle is described begin to plait. They are necessary for freedom of movement. Folds must be at least five, but maybe more it all depends on the length of fabric. The depth of folds also varies according to your own from 5 to 10 cm each. Small folds beginners it is better not to do, as when moving, they can lose their form. Folds must lie closer to the left side, but not on the side. There are three folds: they lie on one another, they are uniformly shifted to the left and they shift to the left with a gradual decrease in the distance between them.
When the folds are made the remaining end of the fabric is covered back, then chest, after which the free edge (palladium) is thrown over his left shoulder. Shoulder among Indian women trained by long years of practice of wearing wedding sarees, so palladium does not fall from the shoulder. While many in India pin it to the choli beautiful pins in color sarees. Now you know how to wear it. Choose your style, try on, experiment, enjoy!

Wedding Sarees Part One

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