Wedding Lingere (2)

Wedding lingere

Part Two
Wedding lingere is necessarily includes stockings or tights. Their lack of evidence of bad taste. Of course, the stockings look much more elegant and sexy especially since some of the traditions of the peoples of the groom should give a lacy garter with stockings bride unmarried guys (as the bride throws the bouquet to unmarried girls). Color stockings may be white or solid. More traditional is lingere
One of the essential attributes of the wedding lingere is a lacy garter is decorated with various ornaments.
Has become quite popular in recent years such attribute wedding attire the chain on her waist. It serves as a raisin in the wedding night,since it is very tempting to look at the body of the bride. Chain for the waist it is an innovative piece, so its purchase is optional. However, if the bride wants to show the originality, the chain will help her in this.
Texture wedding lingere should correspond to the texture of wedding dresses. Slinky satin dress requires a smooth seamless underwear “seamless” from the thin fabric without any relief decorations. Magnificent dress is not so uncompromisingly, underneath clothes from any fabric looks perfect. Jacquard or lacy lingerie perfect for dresses, a la Princess.
It should be noted that to save on wedding lingerie should not in any case, since a wedding once in a lifetime, why not save space, but there is only room integrity, charm and sophistication.
Underwear is a hidden attribute wedding attire. It is intended for one eye, so the choice of bridal lingerie is an intimate character. It must first be comfortable and sexy, and elegant.
The brides are dressed in a lingerie feel not only attractive, but confident that it is so important on a day like a wedding. Following all the rules of selection of lingerie, bride to book their wedding a memorable and unforgettable wedding night, and maybe even the entire honeymoon.

Wedding Lingere Part One

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