Wedding Garters

Wedding garters

The fate of the garters quite changeable at the very beginning of the stocking relations, communication with the nylon was the most “close”. That is the wedding garters attached to stockings with ribbons, ribbons and tightened.
In what appeared dense gum which solved the problem of “creep”, but the leg felt discomfort due to compression and a place for it all the time like garters
These women accessory was a very intimate part of your wardrobe. There were celebratory model for the bride,the groom to remove a garter could on their wedding night.
Modern girls might ironically recall about that time, because it is now possible to choose suitable light elegant wedding garters with a variety of designs, lace and ornaments. Fixation, which occurs with the help of the same rubber, but is so delicate that they almost did not feel his foot.
Disappeared and the first goal of maintaining a stocking now a lovely accessory brings mistress share of mystery and playfulness, sexuality and chastity according to the charisma and most holders of the selected model garters. The feet look amazing!
The groom can appreciate the beauty of the wedding garters his favorite before the first marriage night, thanks to the tradition appeared throwing garter guest male bachelors – reply throwing the bride’s bouquet to young girls.
Catch this wedding attribute promises speedy happiness in love affairs.
As a rule, its worn above the knee right leg. As one, and a pair of right to wear two garters made in North America. The first garter called “happy” that her young husband throws her unmarried friends. The second is to remember it’s called “sweet” or “honey” garter. It is fixed for at least half a hand higher than the first.
The second “honey” or “sweet” garter all clear enough with his young wife takes her husband, left alone on their wedding night. But when time to remove the first garter? By tradition, the bandage cast before cast the bride’s bouquet. But on our wedding, most often it happens in the end banquet, after the cake cutting and shortly before the departure of happy newlyweds. As a rule, this time the wedding is selected special musical accompaniment. In the West this time of the wedding party is no less important than the first dance of the newlyweds.

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