Wedding Souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs

There are so many options for the selection of the wedding souvenirs. Sometimes it’s hard to stop for anything your choice, so we have chosen for you a few ideas to help you narrow your search. It will be the best if you choose different gifts for women and men, because they have different interests and preferences. This approach will emphasize your respect and desire to make the guests a pleasant surprise. There is the most popular gift souvenirs
The wedding souvenirs for her:
Beautician or cosmetics such as lip balm, a hairbrush or a cute barrettes for hair, really like your girlfriends. Pick up these items, which are suitable to the colors of your wedding.
Means for skin care such as small bottles of lotion for the face, hand cream or liquid soap, will also become such a gift that will appreciate the female half of your guests.
You can give something else for the kitchen. Many women especially energetic lovers of delicious dishes will be happy to use small utensils such as spoon or bottle opener.
Decorative gifts are the crystals, photo frames and other cheap ornaments. They will long remind your guests of your happiest day.
The gifts for him:
Cosmetics. Yes, yes, cosmetics invented not only for women. Strong half of mankind you can donate toilet water or aftershave balm are bottled in miniature bottles. This gift will not only be enjoyable but also useful.
Operation sports and hobbies. Men can donate sports accessories such as pendants in the shape of a soccer ball or a billiard ball. Choose the little things that truly reflects their masculine identity.
Practical gifts. Openers and cigarette lighters are always handy in a man’s farm and will delight your guests.
You can easily purchase these lovely wedding souvenirs anywhere near the store. And remember that gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive, because the roads are not gifts and attention. The fact that you specifically choose gifts for guests, speaks for itself and a reminder to your guests as they will.

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