Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers are one of the most anticipated and delicious attribute in every wedding. Wedding cakes prepares on special order. It can consists of several circles. Often such cake have 3-10 circles.
Wedding cake toppers must reflect the tastes of couples. It can be any colour and be in the form of heart or something other cake toppers
On such cakes can be write wishes for the couples and their names. He are decorated of the edible flowers, monograms, bows and other different decorations.
On the top usually are puted the bride and fiance figurines. The swans can be used on wedding cakes too. You can choose your own cake in the store that have every confectioner. If you didn’t like none cake you will order a cake that you describe yourself.
Wedding cake toppers can be in different forms: a square, round and mixed. Weight of the cake is calculated considering 100 g for 1 person. It can be greater, but in any case not less.
A small wedding cake you can put on the table for the couples. If he is large enough will be better to keep a cake in any place.
During the wedding banquet a cake you can distributed to the guests or to retain it.

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