Chocolate Wedding Cakes (4)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Four
Today, very often order chocolate wedding cakes are so-called “yogurt-based”. This basis is obtained by adding to the natural cream of specific components with the result that they become more dense very gentle on the taste and smell begin to resemble yogurt. When combined with fruit and biscuit is pretty tasty and not too rich in calories. True, these cakes are more expensive than a souffle and cream.chocolate wedding cakes
Regardless of the filler cakes are most often biscuit or puff pastry is almost never used. Layer can also be not only above, but also on the basis of quark masses, condensed milk, with nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, etc.
If the chocolate wedding cakes have the several tiers, it is possible to order each tier with a single recipe, so that each guest could choose what he likes.
The more complicated the process of making your cake (an exclusive design, or something else on your desires) the earlier you need to do the order. Make a wedding cake for the day is almost unreal. Some confectionery companies charge pre-payment it may take up to 100% of the cost of your order. Thus the firm hedged in case of failure of the customer at the last moment. Not the fact that the firm will be able to quickly realize the atypical cake and compensate for the losses.
The stand under the tiers of the cake may also ask for an advance payment. Also, sometimes a firm or plant stand to return these requests.
Relocation of chocolate wedding cakes at the celebration can be nice to decorate a cake of Bengal lights and set them on fire at the moment stem (pre-extinguished light in the hall.) The bride and groom take a special wide blade – it is also possible to decorate – woven hands together and cut the first pieces. It is better to do it slowly, feeling the importance of the moment and do not forget to look into the lens photo – and video cameras. If there is an upper level with a figure, you can either withdraw and leave the figures themselves or leave the whole entire story (when he was on the stand) and cut it to guests the lower tiers. There is up to you depending on your situation.
Unlikely that the bride and groom cut the entire cake yourself. After cutting the first piece is better to release the young from this requirement and ask the waiters to cut the remaining cake.
Because the cake is served at the end of a wedding feast need to be concerned about the tea and coffee, because cake is better to feast with these drinks.

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