Chocolate Wedding Cakes (3)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Three
The chocolate wedding cakes are the kind of culmination of the wedding feast. Therefore, it simply must be more than just beautiful and very beautiful. For the decorations today use a variety of decorative elements, such as edible and inedible.chocolate wedding cakes
The latter is included fresh flowers, lace, ribbons, etc., as well as figurines (honeymooners, swans, doves, angels, etc.) that set in the center of the cake or at the very top tier. On the edible long story will not – it’s obvious: ornaments and colors of cream, meringue and cream, fresh or canned fruits and berries, chocolate, marzipan or sugar figurines.
There are also so-called half edible details: for example, thin caramel colored flowers or beads and beads made under the chromed metal. In principle, there can be, but not everyone will be in the teeth is too hard.
If you plan to install any figures on the upper level, tell the confectioners: tier must bear the weight of ornaments. By the way, figures of swans, pigeons and honeymooners there are also edible: marzipan, chocolate or sugar.
The chocolate wedding cakes decorating are popular now confectionery accessory an edible photo. This ornament is made by printing the edible ink on rice paper, special pictures, pre-scanned. Paper with a picture pasted on a flat surface of the cake, soak in paint and paper is then removed, leaving a completely clear picture. It is the same question as with edible figurines newlyweds.
Often the cake is decorated with inscriptions: the name of the bride groom’s name. Body and love, chocolate business cards with the same inscriptions.
The chocolate wedding cakes recipe is different, too. It should be noted that so popular in Soviet times, based cream butter is too heavy for the stomach (and especially so in a wedding dessert, which is used after a number of different hot and cold dishes). In this cake with the cream within the “economy class”. In slightly more expensive category includes cakes, souffles.

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