Chocolate Wedding Cakes (2)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Two
Today, of course, no one shall do such vandalism nor the bride or the culinary masterpiece. But the tradition remains. Moreover, the chocolate wedding cakes have become part of one of the beautiful rituals of the wedding celebrations: cutting the joint product of sweet bride and groom, treats guests as well as the “auction” which put up for sale the very first cut a piece (there is a tradition).chocolate wedding cakes
Where will be better to order a chocolate wedding cakes? Today manufacturing services wedding cakes offer almost all pastry shops, bakeries and restaurants. First of all, we must rely on their own wallets. Often produce large bakeries is cheaper than the product of specialized pastry working on individual orders.
Have a look at photos of wedding cakes is in a catalog or manufacturer’s web site (almost all confectionery companies have their own websites). If you look directly at the catalog company which has its own production you can ask to try samples of cakes offered in the form of small “cakes”.
Determine the weight, shape and color of cake. Weight calculated from the number of guests. The standard ratio – 1 person 150-200 gr. Book a little more “with reserve” will be better than someone is not enough. Accordingly, if the guests will be 10-15 – the weight of the cake should be 2-3 kg. If 20 people – about 4 kg, if 30 – then 5-6 kg and so on. Most often, chocolate wedding cakes weighing over 3 kg are made in some circles – 2, 3, and more.
Shape the cake can be any, but for the wedding of traditional round, heart-shaped or square shape. However, you can come up and do something, do not “like everyone else”. We repeat: today, nothing is impossible.
Color of the cake can be in principle very different: blue, yellow, pink, green – an abundance of food coloring can now “paint” a product in any shade with no harm to health. Do not make the cake is completely white for the photo and video footage all the reliefs.

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