Winter Weddings (2)

Winter weddings

Part Two
There are some disadvantages of the winter weddings.
For example, during the winter months, as we know, cold and wedding dresses are made of until light and translucent materials.
It’s a shame that so many young big day can’t normally walk around the city. Bride can’t be photographed only in a dress without any coats that cover the entire beauty of this snow-white miracle.winter weddings
In addition frost with white fluffy snow can suddenly turn into a thaw with the dirty brown snow drifts and puddles. Have to be very careful not to stain your skirt and get your feet wet.
May arise and some problems with transportation, especially if the winter weddings days will be snowing. Road as you know, we do not like to clean and a wedding convoy there is a risk to get stuck in a long and endless traffic jams on the way to the registrar.
A more pre-selected registry office may suddenly shut down for repairs! Before the wedding in the country suddenly starts a flu epidemic and half of your guests there and then get sick. Well, unless you own.
Financially, the disadvantage is high cost and a smaller range of colors – not the season! Besides the usual roses may fade quickly in the cold. The cost of the menu can also go up – vegetables and fruits in winter is much more expensive than in summer. And if you have decided to play the winter weddings right before New Year and there to spare, you can forget altogether. Prices go up to heaven!
In general, the decision is yours. Weigh the pluses and cons of a wedding in the winter.

Winter Weddings Part One.

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