Employee Recognition Gifts

Employee recognition gifts

If the holiday by definition is different (for example, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the employee or twenty years a teacher in the school) then the approach to employee recognition gifts should be just the opposite. The gifts must be as an individual takes into account the preferences and interests jubilee. If the anniversary is associated with professional activity the idea of a present must necessarily include symbols, reminiscent of this.employee recognition gifts
How to select the value of individual employee recognition gifts? Such presents should be the same for all or their value should be selected in each case. If in any particular case then by taking into account all possible factors or mood, or the personal relation to the administration of a birthday?
Same price represents egalitarianism and indifference to the leadership team. When the value of individual choice gift always starts “deciphering” the causes of high or low prices which almost inevitably leads to “internal stress”.
Perhaps it can be this approach: to build on staff salaries and the cost of employee recognition gifts are purchased to determine how certain about the same for every percentage of salary. Sam percentage depends on the capabilities of the firm and in specific cases – to cause (for example, should be allocated to anniversaries).
This approach is motivated by the fact that the salary represents a level of assessment administration officials, and with this assessment officer in one degree or another agreed, if he continues to work. However, it is necessary sometimes to the rule to make exceptions, generously rewarding employees who have made the firm something important, efficient, going beyond their duties.
But even properly defining the value of the gift, do not forget that gift – it’s not so much additional fee as a communication act. Must be a personal appeal to the leadership of a staff member should be a holiday atmosphere.

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