Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decoration ideas

The wedding. On this auspicious day of every woman there is nothing to be small change everything should take care in advance especially issues related to wedding decoration decoration ideas
Bridal jewelry it is an opportunity to create a unique image of the bride which can be romantic, extravagant or mysterious. The choice depends on each of the fair sex of how she wants to look at your most memorable day.
Nowadays the brides do not always follow the traditions. They are experiment and choose the often completely unexpected and unique style.
After all your image can complete the bobby pins that are made now with all materials from precious to normal. There is also a unique barrettes made in the form of flowers and decorated with pearls, precious or ordinary stones.
Also popular among brides tiaras and tiaras that are truly royal ornaments. If they decorate with rhinestones and crystal it will add shine to your eyes and you will feel like a princess from fairy tale.
But emphasize the solemnity of the moment is the tiara. She is decorated with iridescent crystals. Do not give a negative result important not to overdo it with ornaments and remember that they must pick out the beauty of the bride, and not overshadow it.
Just want to say and the wedding decoration ideas of flowers which are gradually and surely find their admirers.
Wedding is one of the most important day in the life of two loving people. And preparations for the wedding is the most pleasant, but also the most bustling time for brides and for grooms. Selection of wedding accessories, wedding decoration ideas on the car, wedding veils, dresses, wedding gloves, and other little things can take a lot of time.

Wedding Arch

Wedding arch

Wedding arch is the one of the most striking elements of the wedding decoration. It is always eye-catching. It is one of the main functional purpose of a wedding arch – indicate the place of bride and groom, select it in the hall wedding.
The main purpose of wedding flower arches is the decoration wedding ceremony. wedding arch
Typically a wedding arch set the table newlyweds, forming a space, sharply delineated colors. It may be supplemented different compositions on the table the bride and groom as well as other elements of the floral wedding decorations (wreaths on the columns and floor tracks, etc.). In addition a wedding arch is often installed at the entrance to the premises, intended for weddings.
Arch is representing a hollow metal structure which is filled with flowers, fixed on the floor and should not be on something “lean”. By its undoubted advantages include versatility as a wedding arch can be practicable for anyone even a very small area. And as for durability arch of flowers, alas it’s an elegant wedding decoration calculated only on the day of celebrations themselves.
Flower wedding arch is a bright piece of wedding design a symbol of happiness and cloudless family life. This is a unique decorative element that can transform the look of any room set a romantic, lofty tone of the atmosphere of celebration. If you want to decorate your wedding a true masterpiece florist an arch of flowers – contact us!
Usually, a floral archway decorated with the most important place of the wedding is so young in the hall where the wedding banquet is held. The place where the bride and groom announced husband and wife. Catching floral design is tastefully underlines the poignancy of the event, sets the emotional background.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes (4)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Four
Today, very often order chocolate wedding cakes are so-called “yogurt-based”. This basis is obtained by adding to the natural cream of specific components with the result that they become more dense very gentle on the taste and smell begin to resemble yogurt. When combined with fruit and biscuit is pretty tasty and not too rich in calories. True, these cakes are more expensive than a souffle and cream.chocolate wedding cakes
Regardless of the filler cakes are most often biscuit or puff pastry is almost never used. Layer can also be not only above, but also on the basis of quark masses, condensed milk, with nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, etc.
If the chocolate wedding cakes have the several tiers, it is possible to order each tier with a single recipe, so that each guest could choose what he likes.
The more complicated the process of making your cake (an exclusive design, or something else on your desires) the earlier you need to do the order. Make a wedding cake for the day is almost unreal. Some confectionery companies charge pre-payment it may take up to 100% of the cost of your order. Thus the firm hedged in case of failure of the customer at the last moment. Not the fact that the firm will be able to quickly realize the atypical cake and compensate for the losses.
The stand under the tiers of the cake may also ask for an advance payment. Also, sometimes a firm or plant stand to return these requests.
Relocation of chocolate wedding cakes at the celebration can be nice to decorate a cake of Bengal lights and set them on fire at the moment stem (pre-extinguished light in the hall.) The bride and groom take a special wide blade – it is also possible to decorate – woven hands together and cut the first pieces. It is better to do it slowly, feeling the importance of the moment and do not forget to look into the lens photo – and video cameras. If there is an upper level with a figure, you can either withdraw and leave the figures themselves or leave the whole entire story (when he was on the stand) and cut it to guests the lower tiers. There is up to you depending on your situation.
Unlikely that the bride and groom cut the entire cake yourself. After cutting the first piece is better to release the young from this requirement and ask the waiters to cut the remaining cake.
Because the cake is served at the end of a wedding feast need to be concerned about the tea and coffee, because cake is better to feast with these drinks.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part One
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Two
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Three

Chocolate Wedding Cakes (3)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Three
The chocolate wedding cakes are the kind of culmination of the wedding feast. Therefore, it simply must be more than just beautiful and very beautiful. For the decorations today use a variety of decorative elements, such as edible and inedible.chocolate wedding cakes
The latter is included fresh flowers, lace, ribbons, etc., as well as figurines (honeymooners, swans, doves, angels, etc.) that set in the center of the cake or at the very top tier. On the edible long story will not – it’s obvious: ornaments and colors of cream, meringue and cream, fresh or canned fruits and berries, chocolate, marzipan or sugar figurines.
There are also so-called half edible details: for example, thin caramel colored flowers or beads and beads made under the chromed metal. In principle, there can be, but not everyone will be in the teeth is too hard.
If you plan to install any figures on the upper level, tell the confectioners: tier must bear the weight of ornaments. By the way, figures of swans, pigeons and honeymooners there are also edible: marzipan, chocolate or sugar.
The chocolate wedding cakes decorating are popular now confectionery accessory an edible photo. This ornament is made by printing the edible ink on rice paper, special pictures, pre-scanned. Paper with a picture pasted on a flat surface of the cake, soak in paint and paper is then removed, leaving a completely clear picture. It is the same question as with edible figurines newlyweds.
Often the cake is decorated with inscriptions: the name of the bride groom’s name. Body and love, chocolate business cards with the same inscriptions.
The chocolate wedding cakes recipe is different, too. It should be noted that so popular in Soviet times, based cream butter is too heavy for the stomach (and especially so in a wedding dessert, which is used after a number of different hot and cold dishes). In this cake with the cream within the “economy class”. In slightly more expensive category includes cakes, souffles.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part One
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Two
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Four

Chocolate Wedding Cakes (2)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part Two
Today, of course, no one shall do such vandalism nor the bride or the culinary masterpiece. But the tradition remains. Moreover, the chocolate wedding cakes have become part of one of the beautiful rituals of the wedding celebrations: cutting the joint product of sweet bride and groom, treats guests as well as the “auction” which put up for sale the very first cut a piece (there is a tradition).chocolate wedding cakes
Where will be better to order a chocolate wedding cakes? Today manufacturing services wedding cakes offer almost all pastry shops, bakeries and restaurants. First of all, we must rely on their own wallets. Often produce large bakeries is cheaper than the product of specialized pastry working on individual orders.
Have a look at photos of wedding cakes is in a catalog or manufacturer’s web site (almost all confectionery companies have their own websites). If you look directly at the catalog company which has its own production you can ask to try samples of cakes offered in the form of small “cakes”.
Determine the weight, shape and color of cake. Weight calculated from the number of guests. The standard ratio – 1 person 150-200 gr. Book a little more “with reserve” will be better than someone is not enough. Accordingly, if the guests will be 10-15 – the weight of the cake should be 2-3 kg. If 20 people – about 4 kg, if 30 – then 5-6 kg and so on. Most often, chocolate wedding cakes weighing over 3 kg are made in some circles – 2, 3, and more.
Shape the cake can be any, but for the wedding of traditional round, heart-shaped or square shape. However, you can come up and do something, do not “like everyone else”. We repeat: today, nothing is impossible.
Color of the cake can be in principle very different: blue, yellow, pink, green – an abundance of food coloring can now “paint” a product in any shade with no harm to health. Do not make the cake is completely white for the photo and video footage all the reliefs.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part One
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Three
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Four

Chocolate Wedding Cakes (1)

Chocolate wedding cakes

Part One
Most guests forget many details of the wedding celebration the next day, but the chocolate wedding cakes for a long time they have left over in memory. Here are some tips that will help you find a cake that will make a lasting impression on your guests and make your wedding perfect.chocolate wedding cakes
Find the right taste. Now the market is represented thousands of cakes for every taste, which makes it difficult to choose one that suits you. They may be different flavors: chocolate, almond, hazelnut, carrot, peach or strawberry.
When choosing the perfect chocolate wedding cakes, you must also consider the various glazes and fillings that make dessert is not only delicious but also beautiful. Make sure you check at what temperature you can store the cake. If the wedding takes place outdoors in the summer time, some kinds of “sweet finish” cake may melt and drain down.
There is also a wide variety of fillings: condensed milk, chocolate, whipped cream, various fruit and berry filling, mocha or caramel.
Waiver of ordinary and classical cakes.
Many people image your chocolate wedding cakes, see before them, traditionally a round, layered cake. But why not abandon tradition and choose something – something more modern and stylish.
Maybe you dream of a cake or cheesecake for a wedding? You can order different types and forms of cakes that match wedding theme. Regardless of taste preferences and the wedding theme you can always find a cake that will be as original and unique as you are.
When choosing a cake the most important thing is that you are happy. It’s an important part of any wedding, so you should choose a product that will fit your taste and add beauty and originality of celebration.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Two
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Three
Chocolate Wedding Cakes Part Four

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations mostly are original and simple. There are several creative ideas. About some of them we will tell you.
You can put on the table slab of salt rock and place on her the candles neutral colors.Let it burn throughout all the evening. It will be look table decorations
The large glass vases will look perfect on the wedding tables too. They can fill by distilled water with floating candles and sprinkle them around the petals of flowers.
Favourite idea of mostly couple is ordinary mirror quadrangular form. It is placed in the middle of festival table.
The lands of mirror are painted in a color that harmonizes with the theme of wedding. On him put the same color candles, confetti and sprinkle them gold or silver color.
Wedding table decorations are so impressive. The couples will be satisfited. Remember that the wedding should be enjoyable for you and for your guests. Will organize this special event best of all.
Let it be simple, personal and elegant. Don’t afraid to do of a creative approach to planning your wedding.

Wedding Napkins

Wedding Napkins

Wedding napkins are the mandatory attribute of wedding table. Best of all suitable the napkins of cotton. The guests are usually placed them on their knees. Besides the cotton napkins on the tables must be the paper napkins
There are different kinds of the wedding napkins in the shops. They have different colors and patterns. On the event tables napkins are made in a form. At first all the napkins must be starched.
When you are compiling them try fewer touch herby your fingers. Take the napkins so that the guests could easily expand it. All the napkins at the table must be made by one way. It will be look very beautiful.
There are several ways of compiling the napkins. They are wraped of envelope. After it divert the corners consistently. Every next corner must be slightly larger than upper. This napkin is placed on the plate.
There are special ring-keepers. They are fixed the tissues which wrapped in a tube or folded accordion. You can complite the napkins by other way. Pass the napkin in half and do it again. The resulting square make it diagonally. The resulting composition is placed under the plate so that the angle will be visible.
You can decorate your wedding table as you wish. It is your wedding and it must be unforgetable!

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers are one of the most anticipated and delicious attribute in every wedding. Wedding cakes prepares on special order. It can consists of several circles. Often such cake have 3-10 circles.
Wedding cake toppers must reflect the tastes of couples. It can be any colour and be in the form of heart or something other cake toppers
On such cakes can be write wishes for the couples and their names. He are decorated of the edible flowers, monograms, bows and other different decorations.
On the top usually are puted the bride and fiance figurines. The swans can be used on wedding cakes too. You can choose your own cake in the store that have every confectioner. If you didn’t like none cake you will order a cake that you describe yourself.
Wedding cake toppers can be in different forms: a square, round and mixed. Weight of the cake is calculated considering 100 g for 1 person. It can be greater, but in any case not less.
A small wedding cake you can put on the table for the couples. If he is large enough will be better to keep a cake in any place.
During the wedding banquet a cake you can distributed to the guests or to retain it.

Wedding Bubbles

Wedding Bubbles

Wedding bubbles are very popular types of the wedding decorations. The wedding celebration is held in wedding hall.
It can be restoran, cafe or your privat house. Even the most beautiful hall must be decorate that will be exactly the atmosphere of your bubbles
Bubbles decoration isn’t simple inflating and attaching them to the nail. With balls of different sizes are made great decorations: the arches, swans, hearts, wedding decorations in the form of rings, garlands, comic figure bride and fiance, thebouquets of balloons etc.
Desides difficult decorations of wedding bubbles can decorate the table. Very popular colors of bubbles are gold, red and white. But you can decorate your wedding hall by other color.
The helium bubbles are veru useful in such events. They are attached to the tables and create unforgatable impression to the guests.
The helium bubbles retain the ability to fly only 10-12 hours. Thats why they are decorated beforehand. You can use simple balloons and decorate your wedding hole too. Combined with tissue processing it will be look very beautiful.
The butterflies, birds, bows, ribbons, posters, crimped decoration, such as bells, garlands, strings of spheres all these decorations create unbelivable atmosphere of your wedding.