Winter Weddings (2)

Winter weddings

Part Two
There are some disadvantages of the winter weddings.
For example, during the winter months, as we know, cold and wedding dresses are made of until light and translucent materials.
It’s a shame that so many young big day can’t normally walk around the city. Bride can’t be photographed only in a dress without any coats that cover the entire beauty of this snow-white miracle.winter weddings
In addition frost with white fluffy snow can suddenly turn into a thaw with the dirty brown snow drifts and puddles. Have to be very careful not to stain your skirt and get your feet wet.
May arise and some problems with transportation, especially if the winter weddings days will be snowing. Road as you know, we do not like to clean and a wedding convoy there is a risk to get stuck in a long and endless traffic jams on the way to the registrar.
A more pre-selected registry office may suddenly shut down for repairs! Before the wedding in the country suddenly starts a flu epidemic and half of your guests there and then get sick. Well, unless you own.
Financially, the disadvantage is high cost and a smaller range of colors – not the season! Besides the usual roses may fade quickly in the cold. The cost of the menu can also go up – vegetables and fruits in winter is much more expensive than in summer. And if you have decided to play the winter weddings right before New Year and there to spare, you can forget altogether. Prices go up to heaven!
In general, the decision is yours. Weigh the pluses and cons of a wedding in the winter.

Winter Weddings Part One.

Winter Weddings (1)

Winter weddings

Part One
Winter weddings to play them? Of course, if we start from the traditions, the way time in different countries was playing a wedding in the winter. So, if you stick to tradition, then why not get married in the winter?winter weddings
There are some benefits of the wedding in such seasons. A huge plus of winter weddings are to facilitate searches and some price reductions in all aspects of preparing for it. For example: falling prices in the cafe and banquet halls for holding celebrations, makeup artists take on the order of magnitude smaller than the popular wedding months, the rental agency car also make discounts in the winter months.
In bridal salons increased range of wedding dresses and accessories with prices falling sharply. Sometimes even begin sales. There are no queues and sellers are paying you the attention that does not happen in the summer months. You can safely try on dresses in one place and opted for some models, and then travel around to other salons. If you do nothing else like it, you calmly go back to the salon with a pick-me dress, it will wait for you there.
In general, if you’re strapped for cash, but be sure to want to play a winter weddings with all the entitlements attribute choose it during the winter months.
In winter there are no wasps or flies, which in summer can thoroughly spoil the ride after the registrar. Though they say that rain on your wedding day is a good sign, snow in this respect still more preferable. Now there is a wonderful model of such wedding dresses with capes or warm jacket. So that the bride will not freeze.
The absence of bursts in the registry office when applying for your chosen date, if you can easily reach and serve even be able to choose a good time. Do not forget the beautiful stunning scenery. As the trees look great after a snowfall. They become such fluffy and tender. A February 14 – Valentine’s Day. Is not it romantic to celebrate a wedding on that day? Of course, that’s it will be perfect to your wedding.

Winter Weddings Part Two.

60th Wedding Anniversary

60th wedding anniversary

One of the few celebrations is celebrating 60th wedding anniversary. This is a celebration of the spouses have lived together for sixty years. One reason for the rarity of this holiday is not everyone can live up to such old age, because at the time of the jubilee couples eighty-ninety years.60th wedding anniversary
Similar celebrations are a relatively recent and allows them to imagine people are wealthy. They were trying to fix and decorate a family life attempts to create new traditions. Therefore the holiday has spread rapidly among the general population and was enshrined in print.
It is very important question what to give to the couples for their 60th wedding anniversary?
Date not accidentally named the brilliant gold. As gold which preserves their basic properties in the alloys, but at the same time becoming stronger the relationship of the spouses remain strong keeping the main thing – love and patience for each other. While maintaining its “brilliance” and “value” as the noble metal. Sixty years of living together have a strong union of spouses and indestructible as a diamond whose name itself translates from Greek as “unconquerable.” Family life can be compared with the faces of diamond. They are characterized by rough and uneven, small holes. And a married couple, going through the family “roughness” have polished their shared joy, love, understanding and patience allows her to shine and sparkle Union as a genuine diamond.
Organizing the celebration should take into account its features. Active action will embarrass them and are likely to tire quickly. So we must try to make the holiday intimacy without taking away with the solemnity of the action. In a circle of friends and family elders would be much more comfortable and easier than in the noisy environment of musicians and actors overdressed.
The best gift on 60th wedding anniversary is a small theatrical performance. In the organization of the holiday heroes of the day should not participate – all efforts take on more young friends, children and grandchildren. Constructed by the gatherings around the hearth is a symbol of family life or coronation anniversaries on makeshift thrones with further tales of the spouses of their married life and congratulations from the most intimate. All of this will be a celebration truly memorable and no one will confuse.
Don’t forget about the holiday table. It is best to cover his beautiful yellow-white tablecloth, be sure to decorate with fresh flowers and have not stinted on the cake. It is not necessary to do everything pompous, luxurious, but greed is not appropriate.

40th Wedding Anniversary

40th wedding anniversary

The major gifts for 40th wedding anniversary must be a jewelry and crafts with rubies. Gorgeous ruby earrings, rings (a ring with red ruby is worn on the ring finger), bracelets, necklaces, brooches, necklaces, pendants, charms, especially if rubies mimic flowers and bunches of grapes.40th wedding anniversary
For example, simply fabulous bouquet of the flowers from the gems. Rubies can be decorated with a paperweight, jewelry boxes, vases, bowls, vases, cigarette cases, clocks, chests, hair pins, tie clip, ashtrays, candlesticks, beautiful writing instruments. Very beautiful hilt antique daggers, swords, pistols, decorated with rubies. You can present different gift for couple anniversary too.
However, 40th wedding anniversary gifts of jewels may not only please the heroes of the day with its beauty, but also significantly affect their character. Has long red stones including rubies are amulets against diseases which modern science calls virus. But more interestingly the constant wearing of a stone is useful in various diseases. According to ancient ideas ruby helps with paralysis, blood diseases, arthritis, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, rheumatic heart disease, inflammation of the pericardium, diseases of the spine, inflammation of the bone deficiency. Rubin is also lowers blood pressure, cures psoriasis, reduces asthma attacks. For prolonged contact with the body during the night Ruby helps with insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, relieves irritability and fatigue. It should be noted that for any chronic disease Ruby makes it more effective drug therapy.
Very nice gift on 40th wedding anniversary is vintage bottle of red wine or a few bottles. Saturated by gases wines are divided into the quiet and sparkling, the most famous of them champagne. Sweet is no distortion or just pop in which the pelvis did not emerge in the process of aging, but it has been simply “pumped.”
An excellent gift for ruby wedding will be a bouquet of red flowers. This may be roses, tulips, carnations, poppies, gladioli, dahlias, simply wild flowers that you gather with their own hands. If the owner loves indoor plants, gave her some red or pink flowers in pots.

30th Wedding Anniversary

30th wedding anniversary

Why is a 30th wedding anniversary is called “pearl”? Probably, because for thirty years the family as the one grain of sand that hit the shell overgrown with newer and newer layers of nacre turning into a wonderful pearl. This is a great birthday gift and spouses must be gentle like the pearls.30th wedding anniversary
Each wedding anniversary has its own rules for the selection of gifts. 30th wedding anniversary is not the exception. There is a tradition that the husband gives his wife pearl necklace of the 30 pearls of magnificent, the number of happy years together. This is a touching and symbolic. Moreover this tradition is much easier choice of a gift “bride” just the same gentle and loving as well as thirty years ago. During these years you know each other and know the preferences on their way, most home life companion. By the way, choosing the decoration of the pearls do not think that this must be a necklace. There is freedom for imagination and expression of feelings: necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings, bracelets, pendants.
For example, you can choose a necklace with a delicate pink pearls that will talk about the tenderness with which you treat your wife. It will be pearl white – he will emphasize the purity of your relationship, you are sweeping through all these years. This may be a black pearl. It will be a reflection of what your companion has a beautiful elegant lady, but remained the same intimate, loving, mother.
Choosing a gift on 30th wedding anniversary to her husband a preference can be given elegantly decorated with pearls in the form of cuff links or tie clip. What will happen if your husband does not love jewelry of this kind? In this case we must proceed from the passion that everyone has rights. Then the gift can be spinning, expensive accessories for a car, boat.
Choosing a gift for a pearl wedding for your parents can be very different. The main criterion is your love, care and tenderness. A gift for friends to this day can be some kind of antique, for example, floor vase, exquisite lighting, maybe even with a pearl finish.
A gift to this wonderful day can serve as an unusual decoration of the hall: photographs, flowers and posters of comic assignments for newlyweds.

20th Wedding Anniversary

20th wedding anniversary

And then you received the invitation in the form of a blue postcard beautiful with two lovely doves and the words: “Welcome to a celebration dedicated to the 20th wedding anniversary of the marriage.”. And in your head appear a question: “What to give for the couple?”.20th wedding anniversary
When people over 20 years together it means that life from them completely arranged. If this is not true and you know about it the best gift would be the modern appliances: iron, clock, teapot, deep-fat fryer.
Choice is huge! Previously, of course, talking to the perpetrators of the celebration and invited the rest (if you all know, of course) it has not turned so that the newlyweds with experience will be “happy” owners of the three coffee makers, toasters, five or eight blenders.
If you donate appliances in your plans is not included then get help from the good old tradition – the blessing, the earth is full of Slavic. So, you’re looking online, looking into the directory and find that the wedding is porcelain. And what does this mean? Then it all depends on your imagination the degree of kinship with their spouses, and finance.
Porcelain figurines, clocks, bells, saucers, cups are not the entire list of what happens in china. Porcelain dinner service is expensive but very good gift for the 20th wedding anniversary. A can put on the table – it’s a tradition: on the wedding china on the table to put porcelain, donated or already available in this family.
A good complement to the gift will be a bouquet of the flowers and a card with warm wishes in verse. Only after all will be better to write the words themselves, but do not use templates poems. If you’re not a poet, grieve not: write a few lines of prose, but from themselves. Give original present on anniversaries.
On the 20th wedding anniversary the couples can donate and feel. For example, a trip to an exotic country. Twentieth anniversary of living together is not in vain called porcelain. Although spouses and know each other for quite a few years their relations remain fragile as porcelain, they cherish and appreciate each other as twenty years ago. And the gift should symbolize this.

10th Wedding Anniversary

10th wedding anniversary

Your gift on 10th wedding anniversary has become a symbol of your mutual love, affection, devotion, and tenderness.
Do not even have to exchange gifts perhaps you decide to combine their efforts. The main thing is to make every effort to please the beloved and perhaps correct past mistakes (carelessness on your part, coldness, selfishness).10th wedding anniversary
Rose is a flower of lovers, a symbol of passion, adoration and worship of beauty. Men be sure to donate to his wife that day bouquet of roses, crimson-scarlet sure. It’s a real wedding bouquet. Rose petals to decorate your bed, bath with rose oil will awaken in you, sensuality, the scent of freshly cut roses intoxicate, circling his head. What the women will be able to resist such a gift?
The bride and groom to sign love and allegiance to exchange rings. And no matter how times change or manners, this custom is still relevant even today, but probably never sink into oblivion is so this is a symbolic ritual. On the day of the 10th wedding anniversary you can exchange the tin rings. We advise them to do a commemorative engraving, for example, to write on the inner side of the ring vow of marital fidelity, a declaration of love or simply the date of the tin anniversary.
Invited to a pink wedding guests can also follow our advice and give the sculpture or more functional, but no less beautiful thing, made of pink gem. An excellent gift on 10th wedding anniversary will be mantel clock, a mini-fountain, sconces, wonderful trees with leaves of jewels that decorate the apartment jubilee.
A small statue or figurine carved from rosewood and stone pink color can be matched with a date and an occasion of celebration. Create a romantic mood for a long time to remember the tenth anniversary of your wedding will travel to one of the most unusual and fantastically beautiful places on our planet.

5th Wedding Anniversary

5th wedding anniversary

Five years of married life together is called “wooden wedding” and a symbol of this holiday is a tree – a symbol of life, flowering and fertility. As is well known tree roots run deep clinging to the soil and sometimes they are not so easy to uproot. Maybe that’s why the fifth anniversary of the wedding and got the name “wood”, as psychologists call a crisis period for a young family of three to five years of cohabitation. It was during this period many marriage splits, but if your family has managed to overcome it. It made like a tree firmly ingrown roots in the ground and not buckling under the pressure of the wind.5th wedding anniversary
In addition unlike previous 5th wedding anniversary is the material strong, but at the same time warm and dear. The tree is able to create comfort and give warmth during the long winter evenings. Not without reason in the world so valued products made of natural wood. Imagine yourself on a winter evening in a wooden rocking chair in front of the fireplace in which the quiet and cozy crackling firewood. Soothe and calm and wish that it lasted forever. It is thus possible to describe the relationship between the happy couple after five years of cohabitation. Perhaps there is no former fire frenzied passion, but feelings have moved to another stage is a deeper and more durable.
What to present on 5th wedding anniversary? How can you diversify the celebration on this day that all was not limited to banal meal?
A wooden wedding gift should be made of wood. Be prepared for the fact that some friends are particularly good sense of humor will present you a rolling pin, accompanying a variety of jokes and wishes.
What you can donate to 5th wedding anniversary really? All kinds of the jewelry boxes, wooden utensils, a beautiful set of wooden cutting boards, figurines, wooden frames for pictures. Choice is great. It’s only your imagination. An interesting and original gift is a wooden plaque with the history of surnames. It can serve not a bad addition to the interior.
Head of the family loves chess and checkers? Treat him special wooden Japanese chess or some other interesting board game. A gift with a hint is special dice for a game of strip poker – thing is in order to diversify the five-year relationship.
You can present and something else. For example, a family collage or original hours, but such a gift would still need to make some wooden trinket.

2th Wedding Anniversary

2th wedding anniversary

The 2th wedding anniversary it’s a quiet time. After all it is not a secret that the crisis dates psychologists believe the 1st and 7th anniversary and 2-me – it’s just the time of stabilization of relations. So there is reason to enjoy, celebrate and think about how to make life better. A guest is a good occasion to please his family an interesting gift. Incidentally the second wedding anniversary is called the “paper marriage”.2th wedding anniversary
The first and mandatory of the gifts today can be a beautiful postcard. It is desirable that it was made with his own hands. It is unique. Remember, it must be fun to make application to the tutorial work at school and try to pass this joy to the heroes of today. You can congratulate the married couple, “large format”: instead of cards to make a congratulatory shield on their street or Desktop for their home. Large firms are engaged in printing, no problem “draw” a greeting that will let a few more “normal” cards, but the joy and delight cause so much more.
On 2th wedding anniversary all of particular relevance to the original greeting as you write his name on the paper. Therefore, try to compose a short “poem” where you are in the verses tell us how every day both spouses were becoming happier and you are happy for them. Apply for his work in the form of a scroll or a small book and chant as a greeting or toast. Do not doubt that such “treatment” will be remembered for a long time and spouses and guests.
Certainly over the last 2 years of married life of a young family have a lot of happy moments in the photograph. Over 2 years of life spouses certainly stabilized and morally and materially. Rejoice for the young family and give spouses on t 2th wedding anniversary of “home library”.
An excellent gift for the whole family will cook a special notebook. At first the favorite recipes here can record both adults and grown up children. Secondly, that “mistress” made to your favorite “goodies” it suffices to note bookmark the correct page. By the way, a couple of useful tips and good recipes and you can leave!
If in your opinion is the money it will be the best gift the paper wedding is quite suitable for such a gift. Money is a fact is also on paper. Just a very valuable. Put the money in a beautiful envelope or make origami unpretentious.

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th wedding anniversary or golden wedding the most important anniversary in the couples life. It is holiday for the whole family. Congratulate the honorees come the children, grandchildren and friends.50th wedding anniversary
There are several interesting traditions associated with this holiday. At the 50th wedding anniversary buy a new rings pair. The marriage hands have changed greatly and destroyed the gold rings. Old rings are presented to their children.
The happy couple are showered of the coins, sparkles, rice and grains while wish prosperity and well being. After the holy man and wife sit down at the empty untidy table and drink a cup of tea together.
This ordinance is symbolize the unity of marriage in their own home. It is showed that despite the holiday the guest house rests firmly on both of them.
To reach this anniversary falls selected couples. That’s why these anniversary are celebrated solemnly and pompously.
Invite necessarily the friends and relatives, be sure children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and colleagues.
Celebrate this event the coulpe can in restoran, cafe or at home. Atmosphere of true long love create real family holiday. Wish you to live the golden wedding!

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